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Many of our products are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Escondido, California, which makes our products proudly made in the U.S.!

Smart solutions to life's little problems.

Neatnix is a division of American Innotek, Inc. and we're about creating "smart solutions to life's little problems". Since 1989, that's been our focus. We realize that these "little problems" can really make life a challenge. As our world has become more complex, more crowded, more confusing, and busier than ever, these "simple solutions" have become more and more valuable.

Our goal is to simplify your life with innovative and easy-to-use products that help solve your organizing challenges. From jewelry to clothing, from crafting supplies to tech accessories and many other items, we're focused on finding ways to better arrange them, access them and make them complement your life rather than clutter it.


These stackable trays allow for the best organization of jewelry ever. They stack easily in dresser drawers. These are a must for organized individuals.

Organize your jewelry.

We know how alluring jewelry can be. It sparkles. It shines. It shimmers. AND it can add the perfect statement to any outfit. So collecting is definitely inevitable. We're sure every one of your pieces is carefully selected and curated to create a personal collection that most ladies would be jealous over. But almost always, these beautiful pieces wind up in piles, in tangled messes or in places where you least expect them to be. Our line of Jewelry Stax is a smart solution that can handle this kind of problem.

Jewelry Stax can help you to create a boutique style display, tailored to accommodate a variety of jewelry and accessories. They come in different colors and sizes and are also modular, so you can customize to your chic vanity tops and accessory drawers. Their sliding and stacking capabilities allow you to display, view and adapt your collection so you can easily access all your pieces at once. So go ahead ladies, let's sparkle, shine and shimmer.

Featured on The Grommet.

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Happy with purchase! Used for kids craft items. Outside pockets work well for things like glitter glue & scissors. We put pens and colored pencils on the inside.

Organize your supplies.

You're headed out the door, with a handful of supplies, and a tote bag just isn't the right carry-all for this situation. You have bottles of glitter that need to be upright. You have glue that could potentially cause havoc if it leaks accidentally. You have markers, pencils and pens that could ruin your pretty paper stash. And you have a collection of decorative scissors that would look much cuter organized. Our Stuff Bucket and our collection of fabric organizers are a smart solution to organize your supplies.

The Stuff Bucket can help carry all your supplies and gadgets in one nifty and stylish little carry-all. Its smart design features many pockets and compartments to accommodate items of all shapes and sizes. It's okay to bring along and show off all of your new supplies, we've made THAT a whole lot easier.

Featured in Seventeen Magazine and on the Today Show.


I bought this item to keep all my massive cosmetics tidy and orderly. This does a fine job of that. Plenty of compartments for everything.

Organize your cosmetics.

Makeup = creativity. That's why we enjoy indulging ourselves with the latest and greatest from the beauty bars. You can create different looks just by changing up colors, adding textures and if you're daring enough, using patterns! The contouring of our brushes can set the tone for our day and give us the extra glamour we need to feel flirty, feminine and confident. Our Cosmetic Stax is a smart solution, for us ladies with their own personal home beauty bar, because it helps organize every tube, palette and brush.

The Cosmetic Stax comes in three different sizes: Foundation Tray, Bottles & Brushes and Finishing Tray. This clear modular system can slide and stack onto one another and adapt to fill makeup drawers and vanities. Go ahead gorgeous, be beautiful!

Featured on Blog: Veronika's Blushing.

Fold 'N' Stax

I used an Over/Under with an shelf Elfa system with a narrow shelf, and it worked great! I also used the Fold 'N' Stax. Love them both.

Organize your closets.

Stacks of T-shirts and bulky sweaters are invading your closet shelves. They move, they shift and they never seem to stay put. They unfold when you graze them by accident. And when you finally need one, the one you really want is in the middle. Go figure! Our Over/Under and our Slide N Stax are smart solutions that create individualized spaces on or below your shelving space.

The Over/Under (and the Slide N Stax) is a versatile shelf organizer that prevents stacked items from tipping over. Its design includes semi-rigid sides to keep things in place. Use along with the Fold N Stax and you can pull the sweater from the middle without disturbing your folded masterpiece.

Featured on Great Day St. Louis.


Creating a designated place for your everyday, "go-to" jewelry makes things a lot easier to find and grab while you're on the go.

Organize your drop zone.

When you have a late morning start, choosing the right kind of jewelry for your outfit is probably the last thing on your mind. You still have to finish putting on makeup, the cat needs to be let out, the kids still need to be dropped off and you have to remember to grab the document you left on the printer for today's meeting. " Jewelry?! I don't have time for that!" Our Jewelry Rax is a smart solution that creates a personal drop zone for your go-to jewelry pieces and accessories.

Creating your own personal drop zone is a good idea for hectic mornings and busy schedules. You can place all your daily accessories in one spot and grab while on the go. The Jewelry Rax comes with ten movable hooks, a tray with various compartments and the capability to be mounted on walls or inside vanity cabinets. You know those pair of earrings you like? Well, they look perfect with what you've got on.

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